Artist Statement

I primarily make paintings using oil on canvas. The imagery in my paintings stems from my response to things; ideas that I become slightly obsessed with. It could be a particular colour, a shape, a phrase. I store them somewhere. The mechanical act of painting, or making a mark, brings them out. At the time I believe I know what I'm painting, but I dont think I ever do. That for me is one of the payoffs of painting.
John Lancashire
photo of John Lancashire
artist studio

A Brief Bio

  • I have attended two Art Institutions - I am however largely self taught.
  • My influences are many, variable and worn on my sleeve.
  • People have my paintings on their walls in Australia and New Zealand.
  • I have participated in group and solo shows.
  • Of late I got some page time in a national magazine.
  • D.O.B. 1962
  • Provenance: G.B., Australia and New Zealand